Thursday, June 18, 2009

10:45 AM- In the Musee Orsay
Oh my GRACIOUS. I can hardly believe it. All these paintings that are so vastly reproduced and so easily recognized!!!! And I’m looking at them! Amazing.

2:05 PM- Cute Café in district 4 near the Pompidou Museum
I’m eating lunch with Bubba, Pelley, and Kera. We have walked a massive amount so far. We walked through a beautiful Jewish neighborhood full of adorable shops and winding streets. We saw Notre Dame before we walked over to this part of town. OH MY GOSH is that church beautiful. It’s insane, actually. And the Musee Orsay, wow. More on all of that later. Right now, food.

11:22 PM- Train
On the night train and about ready to pass out. The train is rocking me to sleep and taking me away from Paris. Tomorrow will be a great day.

All my love,

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