Monday, June 22, 2009

11:23 PM- Madrid, Spain: Hotel Gaudi room 125
Our last day in Spain
Today was our last day in Spain. I’m terribly sad and also incredibly excited to leave and share this trip with everyone. It’s a bittersweet intersection, the last day of a journey.
It’s getting late and we have a 7:30 AM wake-up call. I’m very tired and I will have to postpone writing about today’s events until I have more free time on the plane ride home. For now, a quick list of the day’s events do I do not forget:
Wake-up 7:45 AM
Yummy breakfast 8:45 AM
Local tour guide meets us at hotel
Bus tour 9:45 AM
Pictures with the statue of Don Quixote and his horse
Bus to Royal Palace
(Melissa and I get locked out of the Palace)
1 hour tour of Palace
Walk back to the Plaza Del Sol
Lunch with Bubba, Jacob, and Kera
Self-inflicted hike all the way to the Reina Sofia Museum
Self guided tour of museum 4:30 PM
5:40 (approx.) PM leave museum to walk back to the Plaza Del Sol
Get gelato (yum) and some books
Meet the whole group at 7:20 PM
Walk to our last dinner together L
Say goodbye to the Georgia group who will be leaving early
Mrs. Webb, Carrie, Alicia, Phano, Kera, Pelley, Jessica, Bubba and I shop back to the hotel
Meet Kayla’s Spanish exchange student (Maria)
Go to room
Pack, pack, pack

And….that’s it!
It was a pretty fabulous day for a self-guided last day of Madrid (and Spain altogether).

Okay, tired,


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