Saturday, June 20, 2009

10:52 PM- Hotel
Okay, today was an intense day. We had breakfast at 7:30 AM and then got directly on the bus for Barcelona. It was about an hour or so long ride. Once in Barcelona, we picked up our local guide, David, and did a tour of the city by bus. We walked through the park that Gaudi designed and saw some FANTASTIC architecture.
Gaudi was such a genius. It’s really awesome to think that he was doing all those innovative things (like designing a plaza that drains rainwater down its pillars and into a water collection facility for the use of people who live near by) 100 years before they even became the vogue in architecture. Nowadays, people strive to make recycled products; back then it was quite the opposite. I am so inspired by Gaudi.
After all of that touring, we had free time. I’ll have to expand on all of this later. Lights out time.


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